7 Advantages of Buying Titanium Jewelry

7 Advantages of Buying Titanium Jewelry

7 Advantages of Buying Titanium Jewelry
Titanium jewelry has increased in popularity over the last few years. Both men and women appreciate the practicality of this durable metal and the contemporary style that titanium offers. As an industrial metal, titanium jewelry is produced by sophisticated machines that carefully carve and hone perfectly formed pieces. Although some titanium jewelry can include diamonds and gemstones, the hardness of titanium limits the styles and formations that the metal can hold. Much like other metals, such as gold or platinum, titanium jewelry can be polished and refinished to increase the value and longevity of the jewelry.

About Titanium Jewelry

When titanium was first discovered at the end of the 18th century, it was named after the great mythological titans, a fitting name for the strength and endurance of this new metal. At the time, the technology for dealing with such a durable metal was not possible, so jewelry designers did not develop titanium until the late 1990s. Rings were the first type of jewelry to be constructed from titanium, and new technology was tested to create engraved designs and inlaid diamonds and gems. With the success of titanium rings followed the opportunity for jewelry designers to experiment with the creation of necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces made from the metal. Many experienced jewelers found this new medium risky, but the market for sturdy and modern jewelry accepted titanium as a viable jewelry option. Even with these experiments in other forms of jewelry, titanium rings remain the most popular type of titanium jewelry.

Advantages of Buying Titanium Jewelry

Since titanium has been a viable option for jewelry only since the end of the 20th century, many consumers are unaware of the many advantages that this metal can offer. In addition to the durability and style of the jewelry, titanium also offers health benefits and affordability. These are among the following seven advantages of buying titanium jewelry.

1. Strength and durability

One of titanium's most-touted advantages is its durability. While gold and silver jewelry scratches easily from daily wear, titanium is one of the strongest and most durable metals that can be formed into jewelry. At three times the strength of steel, titanium jewelry can withstand almost any adverse conditions. People who work outdoors frequently or who work with children that often pull on jewelry may find titanium to be a more durable choice for everyday wear. This metal does not dent or scratch, nor does it lose its shine. Titanium does not corrode or change color from wear or time. It is not necessary to shine titanium or to have the scratches buffed out. The strength of the metal does not allow these flaws, making it extremely durable and desirable. In addition to this durability, titanium's strength also allows it to be used in bolder jewelry designs than some of the softer metals. For example, rings that suspend a gemstone between the two sides, known as tension setting rings, are most frequently made from sturdy titanium. Many rings, especially those made from gold, lose their round shape over time as fingers are tapped on surfaces and clutched in palms. Because of their innate strength, titanium rings do not lose their shape.

2. Style and comfort

Titanium can be altered to fit an individual's preferences and style. Although it is very strong, titanium can still be manufactured in a wide variety of styles, including using inlaid metals, setting with gemstones, and polishing in several finishes. Other metal inlays can be added to titanium jewelry for a distinctive style. Yellow gold, white gold, and platinum metals can all be inlaid in rings, necklaces, and other jewelry. This allows for distinctive patterns and individual. Diamonds and gemstones can also be set in titanium jewelry pieces. The sparkle of a gemstone or diamond on the backdrop of the smooth titanium metal creates a clean and stylish look unlike gemstones paired with yellow gold or silver. Titanium can also be polished into a variety of finishes. The most popular finish is a more traditional titanium polish, but satin or brushed finishes are also options. None of these polishes is singularly more attractive than another. The owner of the titanium jewelry piece is really the main controller of this look. Because titanium is a refractory metal that can easily be individualized, this metal can undergo anodization. Through heating or applying electric currents, the metal releases its oxides and changes its color. Depending on the temperature and length of heating time, the colors of anodized titanium vary from yellow to pink or red to purple or black. Titanium is also lighter weight than many other metals despite its strength. This light weight makes titanium jewelry more comfortable to wear. Even with embellishments or other gemstones, titanium earrings are gentler on ears, necklaces are lighter around the neck, and rings are almost nonexistent on fingers.

3. Biocompatibility

Even in its most natural form, titanium is biocompatible with almost all types of human skin. This means that almost anyone can wear titanium jewelry without fear of rashes or discolorations as a result. Additionally, many people who suffer from allergic reactions while wearing gold or silver jewelry can wear titanium without any problems. Unlike gold, silver, and other metals, titanium is not mixed with other highly allergic substances that can irritate the skin. Titanium remains at its best when it is most pure, so it suits almost every person's skin.

4. Health benefits

Specially formulated high-grade titanium is also used for health benefits. Some jewelry is designed with specific health benefits in mind. Wearing titanium over different parts of the body has been indicated to relieve pain from those areas. For example, some people believe that wearing atitanium necklace helps restore or maintain the body's balance.

5. Popularity with men

In correlation with titanium's rise in jewelry use has been its popularity with men in particular. Many men find that titanium looks more masculine because of its sleek and almost space-age look. Men who rarely wear jewelry appreciate the lightness of wearing a titanium watch or ring. The durability and strength also appeal to men who either do not want to shop for replacement jewelry or who enjoy the masculine connotations of unbreakable jewelry.

6. Availability

When jewelry designers began experimenting with titanium in the late 1990s, it was nearly impossible to find this metal made into jewelry pieces. Today, titanium rings are very popular and readily available in most local stores. News of the advantages of this metal have spread, and today, many adventurous shoppers as well as traditional jewelry-lovers desire and purchase titanium jewelry. As more consumers purchase titanium pieces other than rings and hypo-allergenic earrings, necklaces and bracelets will gain in popularity and become more readily available too.

7. Affordability

Titanium pieces are extremely cost-effective in comparison to many of the more popular jewelry metals. Gold, for example, is rated and priced according to its karat and intricate preparation process. Many of these more expensive metals have several types of metals combined, and they need to be refined before being made into jewelry. Adding diamonds or gemstones to these rings only increases the cost of the precious metals. Titanium, on the other hand, is found naturally ready to be formed without any additives or extensive preparation processes. This metal only needs to be shaped and styled in order to be jewelry. This shorter metal-forming process allows titanium to be priced lower than the other metals. Even the additional design elements, such as carving grooves or inserting gems, create a smaller increase in price than they would in gold or silver jewelry.

Finding Titanium Jewelry on eBay

To locate titanium jewelry, visit the eBay homepage and begin searching. Select the Jewelry & Watches main page under the All Categories list. From the Jewelry & Watches page, browse the various categories to locate titanium jewelry. For example, titanium can be found under Watches,Fine JewelryFashion JewelryEngagement & Wedding, and Men's Jewelry. Once one of these pages has been selected, search the category for titanium. Another option is on the left side of these pages. There is a search option for the type of metal used to construct the jewelry piece. Select titanium from this list where available to narrow the search even further. Additionally, consider searching according to condition and shipping options. Remember to carefully read the descriptions for each piece of jewelry to ensure that it is made of titanium before making a purchase.


Titanium makes an excellent base metal for any piece of jewelry. With these seven advantages for buying in mind, a strong and stylish piece of titanium jewelry can be found online. Titanium offers hypo-allergenic qualities and health benefits that cannot be found with most precious metals. This metal's availability and affordability make it a smart choice for all types of jewelry. As this metal becomes more popular, even more jewelry variations and styles will become available. Remember to thoroughly examine all sellers and their products before making any titanium jewelry purchase.

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